People v. J.F.

After Mr. LaScola beat this client’s Possession of Cannabis and Drug Paraphernalia charges on 8/31/11 in Rolling Meadows, and beat a Lake County case with the same charges later that year – our client wanted to expunge her record, which consisted of arrests and Supervision sentences in 2003 and 2006. Mr. LaScola filed an expungement petition on all 3 Cook County cases on January 29, 2013. At a difficult hearing (scheduled 4 months later) before the Chief Judge of District 3 – Rolling Meadows, the Court granted all 3 Petitions for Expungement. Our client will soon be retaining my Office to take on the Lake County dismissal – for an Expungement of that record as well. If the Lake County Expungement Petition is a success, our client’s record will be completely wiped free of all criminal arrests & dispositions – despite having been arrested on 4 separate occasions.