People v. L.F.

Practice Area: DUI / DWI

Date: August 24, 2017

Outcome: Supervision Reinstated - Driving Privileges Restored!!!

Our client found himself in violation of his Court Supervision after first being issued a warrant for failure to report to court monitoring, and later having the Supervision revoked and a conviction being entered in its place. As a result, our client’s driving privileges were revoked by the Secretary of State once the conviction was reported to them by the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Mr. LaScola got involved and encouraged the client to complete all the conditions of his sentence and pay all outstanding fines. After this was performed by the client, a motion to vacate the conviction was filed by Mr. LaScola. In court , he argued to have the Supervision reinstated after showing that all conditions of the sentence were satisfied. The Court agreed to reinstate Supervision and a Court Order was then sent to the Secretary of State. Mr. LaScola sent a certified copy of this Order to his courier in Springfield for hand delivery to the Secretary of State. The client’s driving privileges were reinstated the next day!!!

In re: Order of Protection – Respondent L.A.

Practice Area: Domestic Violence

Date: December 7, 2016

Outcome: Order of Protection Vacated - Children Returned to their Mother!!!

Our client came to our office desperate to have her children returned to her. On a visitation with their natural father, the children of our client told their father that the boyfriend of our client was using corporal punishment for discipline. The natural father sought an order of protection forbidding our client from having any contact with the children she raised from birth. An emergency/temporary Order of Protection was allowed pending a full evidentiary hearing and the children were allowed to remain with the natural father until the hearing date. At the hearing, Mr. LaScola cross-examined the natural father on points including his extensive criminal history (including convictions for domestic battery and cook county jail sentences), a prior DCFS report where he was indicated as the subject of the investigation, the current DCFS decision finding that the allegations against our client were unfounded, and the fact that only our client’s boyfriend was alleged to have used corporal punishment on the children (and that our client was never alleged to have done so). After hearing all the evidence, the Judge was unable to find that the natural father met his burden of proof demonstrating that an Order of Proection should be sustained against our client. Mr. LaScola successfully defended our client from this Order of Protection and the Court ordered that the children be immediately returned to her care and custody.

People v. A.B.

Practice Area: DUI / DWI

Date: October 19, 2016

Outcome: DUI - Not Guilty

Our client lost control of his vehicle after leaving the toll plaza and eventually veered completely off the road, colliding with the median wall. An Illinois State Trooper arrived shortly thereafter to investigate. He testified that he smelled alcohol and administered field sobriety tests. Mr LaScola cross-examined the Trooper who couldn’t remember many of the details relating to how our client failed the field sobriety tests & also pointed out that the arrest video displayed marginal (at best) failure in only 1 of the field tests. At the end, the client was only found guilty of the accident ticket & the DUI was a finding of NOT GUILTY!!!

DCFS Investigation – Re: L.G.

Practice Area: Child Abuse

Date: June 10, 2016

Outcome: DCFS Investigation - Case Closed With "No Neglect Findings"

Client was being investigated for allegations of neglect with regards to his minor children. He was intoxicated severely and had to be transported to the hospital for treatment and his children called 911. A DCFS report was made because he was the caretaker of his children at the time of the incident. An investigation was conducted and our client contacted Mr. LaScola to try and stop an “indicated report” being filed and prevent their family from being listed on the National Register. Mr. LaScola facilitated the investigation and prepared the family for the 60-day investigation. Because this was an isolated incident and the family took preventative measures to avoid any future incidents, the DCFS investigation decided to make a recommendation of the allegation being “unfounded” and the family’s case was therefore closed without incident.

People v. S.K.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Date: May 17, 2016

Outcome: Charges Dismissed

My client was arrested for attacking bouncers at a local drinking establishment in Palatine and charged with Battery. Ultimately – all charges were dismissed.

People v. R.A.

Practice Area: DUI / DWI

Date: May 10, 2016

Outcome: TRIAL - Finding of NOT GUILTY!!!

Our client was charged with DUI after parking his vehicle half on/half off the roadway in Elk Grove Village. The police investigated and found our client asleep behind the wheel. When he was asked to exit the vehicle, he was very confused and had a strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath according to the officer. At trial, Mr. LaScola employed aggressive cross-examination techniques and demonstrated reasonable doubt of guilt. The DUI resulted in a Finding of NOT GUILTY and our client was placed on Supervision only for a minor traffic ticket.

Village of Deerfield v. D.F.

Practice Area: DUI / DWI

Date: April 27, 2016

Outcome: Second DUI amended to non-criminal Ordinance Violation with Court Supervision!!!

Client charged with a second DUI. He was facing the revocation of his license if he was convicted of this new case. Mr. LaScola effectively convinced the prosecution to amend the DUI to a non-criminal ordinance violation and he received Court Supervision. Defendant is a successful businessman who could have had negative career consequences if he was convicted of any misdemeanor charge. Getting the charge amended to a non-criminal offense protected his job & saved his license from being revoked.

People v. P.Q.

Practice Area: DUI / DWI

Date: February 19, 2016

Outcome: DUI Reduced to a Lesser Charge - License Saved!!

Client charged with a Second DUI. He was facing the inevitable revocation of his IL license if he were to be convicted of this new offense. Mr. LaScola wrote a mitigation letter to the Prosecutors downtown who agreed to give him a second chance and reduce his case to a Reckless Driving which preserved his IL license. He kept his job and his fines were only $394.00 total.

People v. P.P.

Practice Area: DUI / DWI

Date: January 12, 2016

Outcome: No Summary Suspension and DUI - Finding of NOT GUILTY!!!

Client was charged with DUI in Niles based on an alleged dangerous turn made into a Taco Bell parking lot on Milwaukee Ave. The Officer followed the vehicle into the lot and then, as the vehicle left the lot, continued to follow our client’s vehicle for at least 1/2 mile before pulling the vehicle over. The video only captured the driving on Milwaukee Ave. after the alleged “bad turn”. Once our client exited the vehicle, his performance on the field sobriety tests was better than average and his speech did not exhibit any slurred or confused speech. Mr. LaScola brought all of this to light on cross-examination of the Officer and our client was found Not Guilty after a trial. Prior to trial, Mr. LaScola also successfully defeated the client’s license suspension so that our client did not get suspended for this DUI arrest either. SSS and DUI both dismissed!!

Village of Gurnee vs. J.J.

Practice Area: DUI / DWI

Date: November 10, 2015

Outcome: Court Supervision and NO LICENSE SUPSENSION

Our client was charged with DUI after an accident in Lake County. He was a war veteran with an excellent job who could not have a suspended license or his employer would be forced to let him go. After lengthy negotiations with the prosecution, Mr. LaScola worked out a negotiation for a sentence that would not be a conviction on his public record (Court Supervision) and a rescission of the license suspension so our client was able to keep his job.