People v. L.F.

Our client found himself in violation of his Court Supervision after first being issued a warrant for failure to report to court monitoring, and later having the Supervision revoked and a conviction being entered in its place. As a result, our client’s driving privileges were revoked by the Secretary of State once the conviction was reported to them by the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Mr. LaScola got involved and encouraged the client to complete all the conditions of his sentence and pay all outstanding fines. After this was performed by the client, a motion to vacate the conviction was filed by Mr. LaScola. In court , he argued to have the Supervision reinstated after showing that all conditions of the sentence were satisfied. The Court agreed to reinstate Supervision and a Court Order was then sent to the Secretary of State. Mr. LaScola sent a certified copy of this Order to his courier in Springfield for hand delivery to the Secretary of State. The client’s driving privileges were reinstated the next day!!!