People v. L.B.

Our client, who was arrested for a DUI in Westchester, was on Supervision already for a Disorderly Conduct charge in DuPage County. The prosecutors in DuPage wasted no time in filing a Petition to Revoke his Supervision – seeking a conviction that would wind up on his public criminal record permanently. We set this case for trial in Maywood and when a favorable Judge was assigned to the courtroom, Mr. LaScola answered ready for a bench trial. At the close of the State’s evidence, Mr. LaScola made a motion for a directed finding that was granted!! A finding of NOT GUILTY was entered. When Mr. LaScola returned to DuPage to address the Violation, he was able to report to the Court that L.B. was found “not guilty” and the result was that the Petition to Revoke was withdrawn. Our client’s sentence remained Supervision and, therefore, kept his public criminal record clean.