People v. M.C.

Our client was charged in 2006 with Retail Theft and was sentenced to 5 months of Court Supervision and 2 days of Community Service. She never completed the community service, nor did she pay her court costs, and relocated to another State. A warrant was issued in the Bridgeview courthouse for her failure to complete her sentence. Later she sought to apply for a Green Card (legal permanent residency) but was denied when the warrant from Illinois was detected. This client called us to help Quash and Recall the Warrant and have the case terminated. Since she abandoned her case 7 years ago, it would be very difficult to get a Judge to not punish her with either the entry of a conviction and/or county jail time. We convinced the State’s Attorney to credit her for the 2 days of community service by using the day of her arrest back in 2006 to count as 2 days in custody. We had her court costs that were outstanding ready to pay that day and informed the Court that she will pay immediately. The original Court Supervision was terminated satisfactorily and the case closed that very day. No conviction appears on her record and she never had to do a single day of community service. She is now able to apply for her Legal Permanent Resident Card without any restrictions.