People v. M.M.

This client cam to see me in early 2014 after a Warrant for a 2005 DUI was executed. Our client failed to appear and moved out-of-state for a number of years and did not return to Illinois. Once the Warrant was executed, the 2005 DUI was reset for trial. Upon looking at the client’s driving abstract, it appeared that she had a prior DUI conviction in 2002. The client was adamant that she completed the case back in 2003 and that it shouldn’t be a conviction. Mr. LaScola pulled the old 2002 file from the Rolling Meadows courthouse storage and learned that that the client was correct. Mr. LaScola obtained a certified Report of Court Supervision from the Clerk of the Circuit Court and sent the document to Springfield for correction. That conviction was removed from the client’s record. When the 2005 case was reset for trial, Mr. LaScola asked that the Conviction that was previously entered be vacated, and also obtained a certified copy of that & sent it down to Springfield for correction. On April 24, 2014, a bench trial was conducted on the 2005 DUI and after an effective cross-examination of the Bartlett Officer, the Judge granted Mr. LaScola’s Motion for a Directed Finding and found our client NOT GUILTY!! Our client went from having 2 DUI convictions to zero DUI convictions and she can now have her license reinstated after 11 years of not having a valid license. This outcome was truly amazing for the client.