People v. R.R.

Our client was arrested for DUI in 1991 by the Cook County Sheriff’s Police and then relocated to a new State in 1992 while the case was still pending. A warrant was issued for our client’s arrest and was active for 22 years. When our client went to renew his license in his new home state, the open DUI case in IL finally got reported and it would not allow him to renew his license. This client found Mr. LaScola who diligently had the warrant executed and set the case back on the court call. After negotiations with the State’s Attorney’s Office, the DUI was amended to a Reckless Driving and the other charges were dismissed. Mr. LaScola made sure that the Certified Report showing that the DUI conviction was removed was routed to the proper channels in Springfield to enable our client to renew his license once again in his home state.