People v. S.W.

Our client was arrested by Illinois State Troopers on the 90/94 after having been involved in a motor vehicle crash. The Trooper responded to the scene of the crash (where my client struck a concrete median wall) and observed our client with extreme balance issues. Mr. LaScola pointed out that these alleged balance issues were not captured on video…but even if they were, the fact that when the camera did capture our client on film, the same level of “alleged intoxication and balance issues” somehow don’t seem to be present a mere 15 mins later. Mr. LaScola cross-examined the Trooper thoroughly on these points and also pointed out the Trooper’s lack of memory as to specifics regarding how our client failed these field sobriety tests. Not surprisingly, the Judge at the Daley Center agreed and Defendant was found NOT GUILTY of all charges. Furthermore, at a previous court date the 3-Year license suspension that had been pending in the case was RESCINDED due to the State not being prepared for a hearing due primarily to Mr. LaScola’s aggressive early filing of the Petition to Rescind the Statutory Summary Suspension. This client is also facing a pending Violation of Supervision in another county and this complete win should allow that violation to be withdrawn. Defendant will likely be spared of a 5-year license revocation if he had been found guilty of this DUI because he would have been convicted of this one and the Violation would have caused the Supervision in the other county to have turned into a conviction.