People v. W.D.

Our client was charged with DUI and affiliated traffic citations by the Skokie Police Department. Since he refused to take a breath test at the station, he was facing a 12-month suspension of his driving privileges. Shortly after Mr. LaScola was hired by this client, he immediately filed a challenge to the license suspension and served it on the State. When the first scheduled court date arrived, it was over 30 days from the date Mr. LaScola filed his challenge. In addition, the arresting officer failed to appear at the court date and the State could not ask the Court for a continuance due to Mr. LaScola’s early filing of the Petition to Rescind the license suspension. The Suspension of his license was rescinded. Next, Mr. LaScola set this case for a bench trial in the Skokie courthouse and argued that Defendant’s failure of the Field Sobriety Tests was due to being overweight as opposed to his impairment by alcohol. The Judge agreed and found our client NOT GUILTY!!!